Firewater helps out to Do Good

Doing good is part of our value system!

Doing good has always been an integral part of  Firewater's values . Every few months, our team chooses an organisation that would benefit immensely from having an online presence with the capabilities of connecting with donors directly or just by getting their message out there. These are organisations that ordinarily wouldn't have the funds to build the right solution for their needs, so we help out where we can! Need our assistance? Contact us.

Organisations we have helped over the years and continue to support:


Our mission is to develop individuals, families and communities emotionally, socially and psychologically, through counselling, training and community work initiatives

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Shwe Shwe Poppis

Shwe Shwe Poppis™ are living stories of hope from the land of South Africa.

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PinkLink is a non profit organization with a specific focus on the rights of breast cancer patients.

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Celebrity Cherubs

The Celebrity Cherubs initiative creates a platform for celebrities to give back to the community and raise awareness with their status & large-market appeal

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Race Against Extinction

Race Against Extinction is dedicated to protecting endangered animals across the globe, through education and support of breeding programs.

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Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a fundraising initiative by the Chevra Kadisha, encouraging the younger members of the Jewish community to get involved in charitable causes.

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JHB Chev

Founded in 1888, Chevra Kadisha is the oldest Jewish organisation in Johannesburg, actively encouraging community development and supporting the Jewish community’s welfare and burial needs.

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Barking Mad

Barking Mad is an animal rehabilitation centre which focuses on rescuing, housing and rehabilitating “problem dogs”, with the ultimate goal of finding them loving homes.

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Founded in 1979, the Lusito Association has grown from a small day-care to a fully-fledged specialised school for the mentally and physically challenged, offering assistance to learners and their parents.

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Wind Down Invitational

The Wind Down Invitational is a much-anticipated annual golf tournament aimed at raising funds and supporting various charities and social initiatives.

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Green Park Precinct

The Green Park Precinct is a non-profit organisation which aims to create a safe and friendly urban environment.

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