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Sitefinity CMS

Sitefinity is a powerful CMS also known as a content management system that allows for more robust and flexible solutions to be created. This solution is a perfect fit for enterprise type websites that requires a stable CMs while allowing easy desktop publishing for website administrators and marketing managers alike. Progress Sitefinity, formerly Telerik, is a product ASP.Net based CMS that allows for multiple websites to exist under one licence. The solution is easily scalable and has the advantage of added security features that most open source based platform do not have out of the box. Sitefinity is a true powerhouse in the CMS category and is the preferred solution employed by Firewater for our Enterprise clients.

Umbraco CMS

Light weight yet flexible, the Umbraco CMS offers all the benefits of a robust ASP.Net based CMS with the flexibility and agility to update content with a couple of clicks of a mouse. This solution is geared to deliver a powerful CMS solution to SMMEs and other corporates. Firewater prefers the use of the Umbraco CMS for our corporate and SSME clients that require a flexible yet stable solution to allow efficient management of their website solutions. This solution allows a website administrator to readily update a website in a timeous manner with minimal effort and disruption. 


Firemailer is a powerful marketing tool in our armoury. Whether you need to send out an email to a 100 people or 100 000 people, Firemailer is the solution that will enable mass distribution, monitoring and tracking tools required within any successful email campaign. Real-time statistics are vital to monitor the success of your email campaign and this is exactly what Firemailer offers. Tracking the open rate, bounce rate (both soft and hard bounces), as well as ab testing within campaigns, will allow you to have transparency and the insights you need in order to tailor an email campaign as well as all other future campaigns. Ask our experts to assist you with planning a bespoke email campaign that will hit home and resonate with recipients, instead of employing a spray and pray approach that leaves your current and potential clients flagging your important message as spam and leaving your content in the dark.


Scheduling an event, conference or convention and need a solution that will not only distribute invitations but also collect and collate the attendees and non-attendees? eRSVP is Firewater’s solution that will assist you in alleviating the tension with organising the distribution of invitations for any event. The eRSVP solution is can easily be integrated into any microsite or can be integrated into a full event website.