What Firewater is all About

Firewater has seen the future - and it's digital

We've been riding this beast for over a decade. We've watched it grow and we understand the digital evolution. Firewater also understands its impact on business and takes enormous pride in boosting client profiles through strategic digital solutions.

We fuse passion, creativity, and innovation with strategy to create remarkable results. Firewater's hand-picked talent forms the most dynamic and determined multidisciplinary team in the digital agency landscape, which fuels our capacity for success as an elite digital agency.

Across development, design, information architecture, project management, client services or strategy, Firewater creates custom digital solutions - we identify your needs and fulfil them. We value solid foundations as highly as we value good design - to build, maintain and support your company

With a synergy between design and development, our solutions don't just have the looks, but the brains too. Now ask yourself: Does your digital presence add value to your business? Did a specialist team obsessed with all things digital create it?

Firewater believes in building long-lasting relationships where our clients are our partners.

We are passionate. We are perfectionists. We are specialists.

These elements are invested into your digital presence, ensuring that it is both unique and memorable.

Content Management Systems (CMS)​  Telerik Sitefinity Partner

We are proud Sitefinity Partners! Sitefinity (by Telerik) is a world leading .NET CMS solution. It allows us to create comprehensive internet and intranet solution whilst still allowing the client control over almost the entire sire with easy-to-use online tools.

Technology Industry Web Solutions Financial Services Web Solutions Industrial and Manufacturing Web Solutions Technology Industry Web Solutions Financial Web Solutions

The CMS allows us to quickly turn-around highly customisable solutions catering from small business to enterprise-level need incorporating CMS, CRM, email marketing, SEO, mobile, e-commerce , cloud and many other current technologies. You can browse the Firewater online Sitefinity portfolio here




Creating & shaping the fusion between the online & real world is an expertise we have mastered. We create customised & practical lighting solutions to meet and exceed any branding challenge.

Our innovations department is leading the way when it comes to cutting edge human interaction experiences, including:

  • Light-up and interactive novelties.
  • Illuminated and interactive POS displays.
  • Lighting solutions for activations, events, OOH and exhibitions.
  • Micro-controller programming.

Whether digital or real-world applications are what you’re after, let Firewater service your brand’s needs in a way your clients will never forget. Click here to learn more.