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Digital and PR Therapy


There is no excuse for not going digital – it is no longer the future, it is the now. Companies that fail to understand this will not only go astray in their business dealings but will soon find they are being left behind by those who have a digital strategy but not necessarily the skills to compete at the same level. Companies that are digitally led have the advantage no matter how small they are.

At Firewater we believe companies should not fall short simply because they do not understand or have a digital and public relations strategy. 

We believe in educating our clients and helping them remove the fears and barriers they have when it comes to the world of digital. We understand that our clients know their business; it’s our job to help them unlock return on investment with the right strategy and execution. 

Digital & PR Therapy are tailor-made sessions where digital and public relations are embraced, not shunned. In our experience, a client that understands digital is more likely to try new innovative ways of unlocking value, allowing us to raise the bar. We will help you understand that your business and the challenges you have can be solved digitally. 

Technology is ever-changing, with Firewater being almost two decades old, we have learnt that one has to continuously adapt and change tactics. What worked last month might not necessarily work now, things are constantly changing. The digital and public relations worlds are not something you can study once and trust that you know everything. You need to adapt, change and align with it constantly. This is the core of what we aim to teach Digital & PR Therapy participants. 

Gone are the days of writing a press release and hoping for the best. As a marketing and PR agency, we are continually thinking about what we need to do to stay current and adapt. 

Firewater has always been an agency with the motto of ‘It’s not what we do, it’s how we think’ – Digital & PR Therapy strives to get participants to start thinking digitally too. 

Sessions are custom made to suit the needs of individuals and their environments. This is not another generic workshop, where you might learn something. Digital & PR Therapy is about finding unique solutions that work for your brand, company and its consumers. 

Digital & PR Therapy sessions are held at Firewater’s new head office in Woodmead – where their new state of art boardroom can accommodate 20 plus people at a time.

Sessions can be booked via email, or +27 11 262 6056.