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Website design and development

Your website serves as your company’s 24/7 sales and support representative.


It’s often the first point of contact potential clients have with your business. So it needs to be on its A-game – and we’ll make sure your website ticks all the web design and development best-practice boxes, like:

  • UX (the user experience is meaningful and relevant)
  • SEO (search engine optimisation, so people can find you on search engines like Google and Bing)
  • Mobile-friendly design (your website is seamlessly responsive on everything from smartphones to desktops)
  • And far more.

Web Design and Development

Website design

Some websites look slick on desktop but suck on an iPhone; others are mobile friendly but are beyond boring to look at and use.
We understand how important UX is. A website should take a potential customer on a journey to meet a strategic objective – not leave them quickly closing that website tab never to return. Firewater’s web design team will create a seamless digital experience that makes users want to engage further. Plus it’ll look great and represent your brand professionally.

Website development

What you see when you visit a website is typically only the tip of the iceberg. Firewater’s web development team takes care of everything behind the scenes, too (we call this the back-end). We also use smart solutions that enable clients to manage their own day-to-day content management.

Mobile friendly

More than 50% of Google searches around the world now come from mobile devices – it’s business suicide if your website isn’t mobile friendly. We’ll make sure that, whatever mobile device your website is browsed on, it simply works.

Mobile friendly


Firewater websites are built with SEO strategies in mind, because there are 1.5 billion websites out there, and yours needs to be found. We’ll tackle the likes of keyword research, meta tags, and search engine spiders (that’s a thing) so that your digital presence is front and centre. Your site will be submitted to the major search engines and we’ll keep an eye on things on a monthly basis, helping you improve your rankings over time.

Site performance

The magic of digital is that it’s measurable. We use cutting-edge software services to monitor how your website is performing, as well as optimise performance of your online properties for those all-important conversions – ensuring your website delivers on the goals it set out to achieve.

Domain registration

This is essentially your piece of internet real estate – your website’s address. Not sure how to register and manage a domain? No problem, we’ll do that for you, including creating emails at your domain so that your business’s email addresses look professional.

Web Design and Development


We provide a safe and reliable home for your website, with tailor-made packages to suit your needs. From small websites to enterprise-grade, dedicated servers, as well as servers based on the cloud. Need additional disk space on the server or resources to bump up site performance? We’ll sort it out.

P.S. Have any questions about Web Design and Development? Pop by our offices in Woodmead, Sandton – we’re friendly and we’ve got good coffee.

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