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How can public relations add strategic value to your business

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How do you make sure your business has the correct communications strategy? Well, by partnering with Firewater of course!

Communication has everything to do with your bottom line and failing to get it correct, comes with its own consequences. Consider your suppliers, customers, employees, the media or your competition at that… Your communication strategy has the ability to make or break your relationship with stakeholders, negatively affecting your reputation and the way your business functions.  

All too often a brand or business will release a press statement, contribute to a cause or attempt to pass a comment – jumping on the bandwagon of popular news and social media. While proactive and disruptive strategies have their place in the world, often these same brands are left licking their wounds, because they failed to understand their brand’s vision. Their lack of strategy and understanding of stakeholders lead to avoidable and unfortunate mistakes.

The famous quote, “If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on PR,” by Bill Gates has been used to craft many a communication strategy and ironically, has helped to build a positive reputation for the public relations industry itself. The famous quote shows the strength strategic public relations can have on a brand, business or individual.

Just like any strategy, public relations requires time, effort and planning. “For a PR and communications strategy to be effective, one needs to put measures in place. The brand needs to climb the PR ladder, moving from one stage to the next. This starts with answering the phone in the correct way and ensuring your brand remains true to the vision and mission it strives for,” said Mark Stecker, CEO of Firewater.

Having a concrete communications strategy, with a message your stakeholders can relate to, needs to be front and centre for your business. “Your public relations team needs to understand who your stakeholders are, both internally and externally, so that they can craft the correct message that is not only well received but speaks back to the brand and what the brand, not the individual, aims to accomplish,” Stecker said.

Public relations practitioners are trained communicators – they know how and when to respond and are able to pre-empt situations, taking full advantage of each and every scenario. This does not only go for the news and negative situations your business may face – your public relations team can and will develop relationships with suppliers, customers and the community. These relations, when nurtured, will help your brand grow, creating new and exciting opportunities.


“There is so much more to PR than drinking coffee with journalists and flirting with the news,” Stecker said. When given the chance, your PR team can develop your brand in a way that positively affects your bottom line and your brand’s equity.


Implementing the wrong strategy can and most likely will, lead your business astray. This is where Firewater and our public relations team come in. Our team will make sure your brand’s vision and mission remain intact – in all that you do. Ask yourself the question – does your team know what your business stands for? Are you confident they’ll put its vision before their own mission? We promise Firewater will.

Firewater has a team of public relations practitioners, communications experts and past journalists – who are all ready to exceed your expectations and walk you through a tailor-made strategy that matches your vision, mission and goal. Contact Firewater to start exploring your communications strategy.

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