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It's time to upgrade your website - or your business could suffer

If the term responsive web design is alien to you, you're definitely not alone - but if Google has their way, responsive will be the word du jour on 21 April.


A responsive site does just that - it responds to the device you're viewing it on, leading to sleek and graceful size adjustments for optimal viewing, whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. When viewed on mobile, non-responsive sites are usually tiny versions of what you see on your desktop, presenting a host of annoyances for the user. Unreadable text, endless vertical AND horizontal scrolling, the need to zoom all over the place - none of this adds to your user experience in a positive way and it certainly won't get you any more business leads.


Undoubtedly prompted by the massive explosion of mobile internet users worldwide (and South Africa is no exception here), a scheduled algorithm change this month means that responsive sites will be given search-preference over those that are not. If your company relies on its website to generate new business, it is absolutely vital to cross over to responsive design, or you risk becoming literally invisible to the online market place.


We would like to invite you to consult with us about upgrading your site to a mobile-responsive page that adheres to Google's new preferences, keeping your customers happy and your company always a step ahead of the game.

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