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Your content needs to be front and centre,
here’s why

The traditional way of selling, is entering into its retirement and although its successor is not that new at all, content marketing has made a comeback, in a big way. Believe it or not, brands have been using content marketing strategies for years. The only difference between then and now? Content has created an industry of its own and everyone is jumping on its bandwagon. The key to content marketing is storytelling and relevancy. Your brand needs to be able to communicate a story to your target audience which is not just interesting but highly relevant as well. 

keeping your content front and center


There is no doubt that the combination of a beautiful design and an impactful piece of content is a match made in heaven. This marriage drives client engagement and positions your brand in a professional, impactful and meaningful way. However, so many companies still build websites and marketing collateral with content being an afterthought.

“We have entered an era where content needs to stand out against the design because together, they need to make an impact on the client and encourage them to take action,” said Mark Stecker, CEO of Firewater. In the past brands failed to work real-time content into their design strategies, which resulted in half-heartedly created user-experiences and difficult to maintain digital designs. “Content should be thought about and brought into each stage of the design process,” Stecker said. Often a brand will design something, only to later find that the design and the content are not cohesive. This results in delays throughout the strategy process.

Designing without content in mind can also lead to over designing which is why having a deep understanding of your brands story is so crucial. Your design and your content need to support your overall objective and the story which you want to share. “If the campaign is all about the design, sometimes the product or point of the design is missed. Content needs to tell a story and ultimately lead to an action whether it’s an enquiry or a sale. If it looks pretty, but has no point or is confusing to your customer, you have lost an opportunity” Stecker said.

At Firewater we ensure a content strategy is in place and then marry it with design. To begin your result-driven journey with a personalised content-driven focused strategy, get in touch with Firewater.

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