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Is your website your digital home, or are you living in the wrong neighbourhood?

By Mark Stecker




You know when you take a wrong turn and start sweating bullets because you’re in the wrong neighbourhood?


You don’t know the streets or the gang signs, and you’re too nervous to pull over to look at your maps app, lest the guy with the dead eyes on the corner spots you. You’re a sitting duck, and they quack differently here. So, you slam your foot on the accelerator, blindly hoping you’ll hit a main road soon.


bad neighbourhood


It’s like your business’s website: either it welcomes visitors to the neighbourhood, or they want to get the hell out of there. That’s because your website is like your home. Think about it: your home is more than where you live; it represents who you are. Would you do business with this guy?


we can help


We didn’t think so. Your house needs to be in order when people come across you, whether that’s through a social media page or your ad spend. And when users form an opinion about a website in 0.05 seconds it’s a high-stakes game.


But do I even still need a website – isn’t social enough?


Yes, yes you do. In an age where the likes of TikTok and Instagram dominate digital spaces, many businesses are tempted to focus on their social media and paid ads and overlook their website. This is a mistake.


business digital hub


Your website is your business’s digital hub; it’s where you show prospects who you are and what you offer. If someone lands on it and thinks they’re going to get scammed, or it looks like Jared the intern put it together after one too many CBD-infused vapes, it’s a missed opportunity.


Sure, maybe you sell second-hand sneakers on Instagram. But if you’re a Firewater prospect you probably don’t (also, would you buy a plane ticket or use an investment broker on Facebook Marketplace?).


According to MailChimp, social media creates visibility but it’s not a substitute for a professional website. We agree completely. We’re not saying you should abandon your social campaigns and just focus on a website – we’re saying that when used together, social media and a proper website create an online presence that can’t be ignored.


Social attracts people and directs them to your website. A prospect can then see what you’re all about through engaging content that resonates with your target audience. This builds authority, trust, relationships – and conversions.


And remember, your website is an owned property – you have control over it and algorithms don’t dictate to you. It’s also a place where your prospects can have a unified user experience instead of seeing fragmented snippets of your brand on different platforms.


UX is far more important than you think


Speaking of user-experience, it’s often the primary reason why prospects either do a quick U-turn in your digital driveway or they stay for a drink.


It goes without saying that your business’s website must be mobile-friendly (it surprises us that so many still aren’t) and that UX aspects like website speed affect your bottom line.


3 seconds


When it comes to mobile, you just need to look at the numbers: 53% of website visits are abandoned if a mobile site takes longer than three seconds to load, and almost 70% of users are more likely to make a purchase if the website is mobile-friendly. Many of our clients are also unaware that UX also affects paid media. A website’s landing page experience can affect your quality score, ad rank, and advertising costs.

So, if you're directing traffic from social to your website, if a prospect can't quickly find what they want, the site is too slow, or it looks dodgy, they will bail, no matter how revolutionary your product or service is.


Like a house, your website is an investment. If you buy into a decent area and take care of your property, it’ll pay off. As a business, you want people to feel welcome and really get to know you – not high-tail it to the nearest onramp.



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